THE BEST – TURNBOARD- Bring Out Your Best

 The Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard is the preferred training tool for dancers who want to increase the important elements of turning: Find your center Improve your distinguishing Increase your self confidence Proper ballet turning requires focused spotting, a strong core, and address arm positioning. The Turning boards was designed to have very little friction, which… Read More »

Turn Boards – turning with confidence

The market offers different training aids and products designed to provide the dancers an advantage to improve on what nature offers them. The market has been hit by a training aid called turn board a real buzz to revolution the dance world. Dancers can now have particular turning aid the same featured in the dance… Read More »

The debate over practicing with the turning board

The turning board has helped so many dancers perfect their turning while they are dancing, but there are a couple of experts who are suggesting that a turning board isn’t really ideal as a learning tool. There are many debates going on over the practicing with a turning board. During these debates, they are talking about… Read More »

Frequently asked questions for the ballet turning board

More and more ballet dancers are starting to use a ballet turning board. This is because it truly is a great tool that you can use for practicing your turns in ballet. This is a new product on the market and there are still many questions that dancers are asking about this board. Here are some… Read More »

A ballet board: Is it really beneficial for new dancers?

A ballet board is something that many ballet dancers are talking about. This board is a fairly new invention that can teach and perfect turning in dancers. But, because of the fact that the board is still relatively new, it is not commonly used at the moment. Dancers are worried that the board might not be… Read More »