Turn Boards – turning with confidence

The market offers different training aids and products designed to provide the dancers an advantage to improve on what nature offers them. The market has been hit by a training aid called turn board a real buzz to revolution the dance world. Dancers can now have particular turning aid the same featured in the dance movie First position.  As advertised the turn board helps the dancers to master the pirouettes while improving their confidence in turning and fine-tune their spotting, posture, and balance.

Do these boards make a difference?

The ballet board is a simple concept with a set outcome in the dancer mind. It helps the dance turn with confidence, solely made for dancers who have trouble spotting and turning.

The board is made for a strong polyurethane material and rubber foot pad to make use your plated foot has sufficient grip to complete your turns. The turn board can sustain a user weighing less than 80kg.

A treading turn board trail for a 13 years old ballet dancer who hadn’t fully mastered the true art of fouettes, within 5 minutes of using the ballet board on the floor show completed 4 turns. 15 minutes later the dancer said:

  • It helps me concentrate on my upper body.
  • It allows me to spot better because I don’t have to focus on my foot technique.
  • It’s fun, and I can turn 6-8 times and hold my upper body in the correct position.

Other than the users, non-dancer looking at the turning board checked some good advantages. Although the dancing can’t be mastered using Turn board- it helps a great deal.

Typically there is no substitution for quality teaching form an accredited Ballet teacher.

What a turning board?

It’s a slim rectangular board about 27 cm in length works under the principle of reducing friction between the floor and foot. It results in very little resistant from the floor allowing the dancer to spin fast while maintaining balance.  The board improves spotting allowing familiarization of the body with a sensation of multiple turns. More details in this post: http://www.bloomingtonbikepolo.com/tips-of-finding-the-best-company-for-buying-a-quality-ballet-board/

The board also teaches the effects those small adjustments to a body placement boosting the momentum of turn.

Ballet board effectiveness can only be considered from the context of different dancing styles. Think of the classical ballet; a turn is performed with reliving to either full or demi point, and physically of turn with the adjusted center of gravity on the flat to demi or full point and very different with and without the turning board.

For beginners learning the new techniques, the turn board complicated the training thus making learning harder and encourage bad habits.

To conclude, for any dancer having trouble turning, holding your upper body in the same position for spotting your turns then the turn board is for you. Using the tool to help with your dance journey, not a substitute for proper training is the right way.  We like it, and I’m sure you will too. For those that struggle with turns, it’s a worthy investment.


Tips of finding the best company for buying a quality ballet board

It is great to buy a ballet board for your child, but this is only great if you have bought the board from the best possible company that is selling high quality board that is durable and that will last for years. There are a couple of things that you need to know about finding the best board company. With these tips you will know that you are using the best company for buying a quality board for learning how to turn in dancing and ballet:

Do research

It doesn’t really matter if you are buying your ballet board and if you are buying any other product online, the first thing that you should always do, is to do your research. Research is the key to find the best possible and most trustworthy company for buying any product or service.

With research, you will be able to make a list of the companies that are producing and selling the boards. And, with these lists in mind, you are looking at the other tips as well. With the list, you will really easily see the trustworthy company from the company that only wants to make money.

Reading reviews

With your list that you have, after you have done your research, you are starting to read reviews about all the different companies that you have found that are selling ballet boards.

If you are reading a negative review, then you know that the company might not be the best place for buying your ballet board. And, if you are reading great things about the company, you can know that this is a great company that you can trust. Don’t ever buy anything on the Internet without reading reviews about the company that you are thinking of using and its products. You might end up regretting it for a very long time.

Ask other dancers

Maybe you know dancers that already have one of these ballet boards. You can ask around and find out where they have bought theirs. This is a great way to gather information about the companies that most dancers are using.

And, take their warnings to heart. If those who already have bought a board, knows about the companies that you can’t trust, then you need to know that there might be a good reason for not trusting the company. This is why you are asking them, to make sure that you know where you can really find quality boards. Find out more informations here.

Look at the price

The last thing that you need to look at is the prices that the boards are selling. There are companies that are selling ballet boards at a very cheap price. But, remember that you are going to get the value that you have paid for. So, if you are buying the cheapest one, then you might not get the quality and value you or your child is looking for.see more from http://www.bloomingtonbikepolo.com/the-debate-over-practicing-with-the-turning-board/

You should make sure that you are buying your board from the best possible company. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are going to get a high quality board that will last you for a long time. By taking some time and doing some homework, you will find the best and most trustworthy company for selling high quality ballet boards.

The debate over practicing with the turning board

The turning board has helped so many dancers perfect their turning while they are dancing, but there are a couple of experts who are suggesting that a turning board isn’t really ideal as a learning tool. There are many debates going on over the practicing with a turning board. During these debates, they are talking about all the pros and cons about the turning board. Here are some of these arguments that you might want to know about:

The experts are afraid that a dancer can’t turn without their boards

The experts that are investigating turning boards to see all the pros and cons about them are afraid that once a dancer starts to get used to using their board, that they will not be able to dance properly without the board.

They are really afraid that dancers can become too dependent with the board, and that they will not be able to dance or turn correctly in competitions. However, dancers are arguing this fact and say that the board is making practicing easier with the board, but they will still be able to dance and turn without the board. It is just a tool for practicing.

The dancers say that it is easier to use the board than practicing just with a teacher

All of the dancers that are using a turning board, claim that it is really easier to practice their turns even at home. They don’t need to have their teachers with them, to be able to practice the turns.

There is not always time for the teachers to spend time with a dancer that is still struggling with the correct technique of turning. And, the results might be a dancer that could have been the best, not getting far, because of not getting the right assistance. However, with the turning board, they will have more time to spend at home, practicing. Without paying for extra classes or with the assistance of a teacher.

The dancers say it assist small children to turn at home without learning the incorrect way of turning

Smaller children and new dancers are always practicing at home. And, this is most of the time where they are learning themselves turn, the wrong way. They are teaching themselves the wrong techniques and this can cause some serious problems later on.

With the turning board, they will be able to practice at home, and using the board, there is no way that any dancer can learn the wrong technique. For dancers and their students, the turning board is the best investment any parent can do for a small dancer. More details in this link: http://www.bloomingtonbikepolo.com/frequently-asked-questions-for-the-ballet-turning-board/

Dancers and some of the experts are arguing about the benefits of the turning board. The experts are claiming that using the board frequently will cause the dancers to struggle without the board. While the dancers are saying that you can’t go wrong with buying a board when you or your child is learning to dance and to turn. It is best to make up your own mind about the use of turning boards, before you decide not to invest. Investing in the turning board might be the best thing that you have ever done for your child.

Frequently asked questions for the ballet turning board

More and more ballet dancers are starting to use a ballet turning board. This is because it truly is a great tool that you can use for practicing your turns in ballet. This is a new product on the market and there are still many questions that dancers are asking about this board. Here are some of the most common questions that dancers have about the ballet board:

Where can the turn board be use?

The thing that everyone wants to know, is where you can use your turning board. There are many different surfaces that you can find in a home, and not all of them are really suitable.

The best surface that you can use for your turning board, is a wooden floor, tile or Marley floor. The one surface that you can’t use is on a carpet or on a cement floor. This might damage your board or cause injury.

Can the board scratch delicate floors?

This answer depends basically on you. If you are going to use a clean turning board on a really clean floor, then you will not damage the floor or the board.

However, if you are using a board that is filthy underneath the board, or you are using the board on a sandy or filthy floor, you will risk damaging the floor or the board. And, if the board is damaged, you will not be able to use the board correctly. Scratching the board will mean that you are going to have a board that will not turn easily. And, you might end up with a floor where you can see that you have used your board on. It is recommended that you really keep your board and the floor as clean as possible, before you use the board.

Will the turning board fit my shoe size, or should I buy a specific board for my foot size?

Many dancers that never have used or seen a ballet board, doesn’t really know more about the size of the turning board.

You don’t need to look for a turning board that will fit perfectly for your feet. This is because there is just one size turning board that you can buy, and this board is standard and will fit all foot sizes. You don’t need to worry about buying a board that will be too big or too small for your feet. You can buy one for your child now and she can use it even when she is an adult that is still dancing and turning.

There are not many information and answers about this board on the Internet. Making it really hard to find the best answers to the most common questions. This is why these frequently asked questions are too important This is giving you some of the best answers about the turning board that you might have. These three questions will make the decision if you are going to benefit from the turning board so much easier, and will ensure that you are going to invest in the best possible board that will teach you how to turn easier.

Check out this link for more tips and information’s: https://balletboard.com/

A ballet board: Is it really beneficial for new dancers?

A ballet board is something that many ballet dancers are talking about. This board is a fairly new invention that can teach and perfect turning in dancers. But, because of the fact that the board is still relatively new, it is not commonly used at the moment. Dancers are worried that the board might not be as beneficial to them, and that they will waste time in using this board. Here are some facts about the ballet board, to show that this can be really beneficial for new dancers, as well as for experienced writers.

Don’t need to practice with your teacher

The first and most important reason on why this board can be beneficial to new dancers, is because the board, you don’t need to practice with your teacher.

Dancing teachers don’t always have the time to teach a child individually and it can be hard to learn how to dance and turn without your teacher. With a ballet board, you really don’t need to have your teacher around in order to practice your turning. And, if you are still a new dancer, you can do with as much training as possible. This is the training that your board will be able to give you.see more from http://www.bloomingtonbikepolo.com/frequently-asked-questions-for-the-ballet-turning-board/

Will learn how to turn easier

There is not a better tool to teach a new dancer how to dance than a ballet board. One of the hardest and most complicated things that you need to learn with dancing and ballet is how to turn correctly. And, there is no easy way of learning how to turn correctly.

However, if you are investing in the board, then you will learn how to turn correctly without the assistance of anyone. This board gives you the freedom to practice, no matter where you might be. For beginners, they have a tool to show them how to turn correctly, and for more experienced dancers, it will give them a tool to practice and to perfect their turning.

Don’t learn the wrong way of turning

One of the things that many beginner dancers and ballet dancers are doing, is to try to teach themselves how to turn. And, in the process, they are learning themselves the wrong way. The moment that they have taught themselves the wrong way, it is really hard to learn the correct way again.

But, if they are using the ballet board, they will not be able to teach them the wrong way, and they will be able to practices without the risk of teaching themselves how to turn, and make a mess out of it.

It is really beneficial to invest in the ballet board if you are a new dancer. There are even some great benefits for experienced dancers to use the board. It is recommended that no matter what type of dancer you are, and if you are an experienced dancer or a beginner. You should invest in the ballet board and practice dancing and turning with the board for a more perfect turn that can let you win any competitions.

Find out more information’s in this link.