The debate over practicing with the turning board

By | June 11, 2016

The turning board has helped so many dancers perfect their turning while they are dancing, but there are a couple of experts who are suggesting that a turning board isn’t really ideal as a learning tool. There are many debates going on over the practicing with a turning board. During these debates, they are talking about all the pros and cons about the turning board. Here are some of these arguments that you might want to know about:

The experts are afraid that a dancer can’t turn without their boards

The experts that are investigating turning boards to see all the pros and cons about them are afraid that once a dancer starts to get used to using their board, that they will not be able to dance properly without the board.

They are really afraid that dancers can become too dependent with the board, and that they will not be able to dance or turn correctly in competitions. However, dancers are arguing this fact and say that the board is making practicing easier with the board, but they will still be able to dance and turn without the board. It is just a tool for practicing.

The dancers say that it is easier to use the board than practicing just with a teacher

All of the dancers that are using a turning board, claim that it is really easier to practice their turns even at home. They don’t need to have their teachers with them, to be able to practice the turns.

There is not always time for the teachers to spend time with a dancer that is still struggling with the correct technique of turning. And, the results might be a dancer that could have been the best, not getting far, because of not getting the right assistance. However, with the turning board, they will have more time to spend at home, practicing. Without paying for extra classes or with the assistance of a teacher.

The dancers say it assist small children to turn at home without learning the incorrect way of turning

Smaller children and new dancers are always practicing at home. And, this is most of the time where they are learning themselves turn, the wrong way. They are teaching themselves the wrong techniques and this can cause some serious problems later on.

With the turning board, they will be able to practice at home, and using the board, there is no way that any dancer can learn the wrong technique. For dancers and their students, the turning board is the best investment any parent can do for a small dancer. More details in this link:

Dancers and some of the experts are arguing about the benefits of the turning board. The experts are claiming that using the board frequently will cause the dancers to struggle without the board. While the dancers are saying that you can’t go wrong with buying a board when you or your child is learning to dance and to turn. It is best to make up your own mind about the use of turning boards, before you decide not to invest. Investing in the turning board might be the best thing that you have ever done for your child.