Turn Boards – turning with confidence

By | November 8, 2016

The market offers different training aids and products designed to provide the dancers an advantage to improve on what nature offers them. The market has been hit by a training aid called turn board a real buzz to revolution the dance world. Dancers can now have particular turning aid the same featured in the dance movie First position.  As advertised the turn board helps the dancers to master the pirouettes while improving their confidence in turning and fine-tune their spotting, posture, and balance.

Do these boards make a difference?

The ballet board is a simple concept with a set outcome in the dancer mind. It helps the dance turn with confidence, solely made for dancers who have trouble spotting and turning.

The board is made for a strong polyurethane material and rubber foot pad to make use your plated foot has sufficient grip to complete your turns. The turn board can sustain a user weighing less than 80kg.

A treading turn board trail for a 13 years old ballet dancer who hadn’t fully mastered the true art of fouettes, within 5 minutes of using the ballet board on the floor show completed 4 turns. 15 minutes later the dancer said:

  • It helps me concentrate on my upper body.
  • It allows me to spot better because I don’t have to focus on my foot technique.
  • It’s fun, and I can turn 6-8 times and hold my upper body in the correct position.

Other than the users, non-dancer looking at the turning board checked some good advantages. Although the dancing can’t be mastered using Turn board- it helps a great deal.

Typically there is no substitution for quality teaching form an accredited Ballet teacher.

What a turning board?

It’s a slim rectangular board about 27 cm in length works under the principle of reducing friction between the floor and foot. It results in very little resistant from the floor allowing the dancer to spin fast while maintaining balance.  The board improves spotting allowing familiarization of the body with a sensation of multiple turns. More details in this post: http://www.bloomingtonbikepolo.com/tips-of-finding-the-best-company-for-buying-a-quality-ballet-board/

The board also teaches the effects those small adjustments to a body placement boosting the momentum of turn.

Ballet board effectiveness can only be considered from the context of different dancing styles. Think of the classical ballet; a turn is performed with reliving to either full or demi point, and physically of turn with the adjusted center of gravity on the flat to demi or full point and very different with and without the turning board.

For beginners learning the new techniques, the turn board complicated the training thus making learning harder and encourage bad habits.

To conclude, for any dancer having trouble turning, holding your upper body in the same position for spotting your turns then the turn board is for you. Using the tool to help with your dance journey, not a substitute for proper training is the right way.  We like it, and I’m sure you will too. For those that struggle with turns, it’s a worthy investment.