What you need to know about ballet

By | October 11, 2017

Taking ballet classes and being judged by ballet board, is a great way to stay in shape, reduce stress and express yourself through dance. Ballet classes are available for men, women and children. Although it is normal to be nervous before your first ballet class, when planning the future, you can go to your first session with confidence. Dress Code

Before attending your first ballet class, find out what the dress code is in the dance studio where you will take the lessons. A pink collant and black stockings are typical ballet costume for women, but variations are often allowed. Men usually wear tight t-shirt white and black jazz pants. Some beginners may not feel comfortable at first about using such tight and revealing clothes. Keep in mind that the purpose of this type of dress is for both the teacher and the student to see that the ballet movements are running properly.

Ballet Shoes and turn board

When imagining ballet class, some might imagine starting standing at the tip of their fingers while wearing high-top sneakers. However, it takes a lot of time, practice and strength training to reach this level of ballet. Ballet beginners always start with sneakers. Check with the ballet instructor to see if a specific brand or color is required. Instead of buying sneakers from an internet site, it might be best to buy them from a local dancewear store to make sure they fit well.

Routine of exercises

Before considering a ballet class and the ballet board,, lead an active lifestyle. Ballet is a strenuous dance, and it is important for students to rise to the challenge. Perform a low-impact aerobic exercise routine at least three times a week for a few months before taking on a ballet class. Keep the same routine even after you are enrolled in ballet class to maintain your strength.

Help the kids prepare for their first ballet board

If you are a parent who enrolled your child in a ballet class, help her know what to expect before attending class. Take her to the dance studio before the first day of class so she will feel more comfortable there. Introduce your child to the dance instructor. Ask the instructor that the first day of class will be like this. If a list of rules are available, make a copy and go over these with your child

You should devote much of your attention to ballet.

Study it, live it and breathe it.

Watch for corrections, watch ballets and turn board in person and online and study how the moves should be properly executed. For the physical side, use your free time to stretch, do strengthening exercises and / or opening and work on movements that are having difficulties in the classroom. Making ballet your priority means being looking for ways to always improve. A dancer must accept his role even when he is not a major. He must do for love of dance and instead of coveting the role of another person, he should congratulate those who received a role that he judges better than his own and try to improve for, perhaps, to play a prominent role on the next occasion. You need to know the time to rest. Identify when your body is tired and take breaks. It seems that we surrender more when we are exhausted, but it is important that you take care of your body to avoid serious injuries before ballet board. Balletboard.com