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Athens guy needing some attention

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We're a family of six four kids under athens guy needing some attention visiting Greece for two weeks as the first leg of a six-week trip abroad.

We've been trying to learn a little Greek, and I'm wondering about some of the formalities. There's that line between being respectful and over-formal.

Athens guy needing some attention

Would we all children too use "Kyrie" and "Kyria" for most people? Warmest congratulations on taking your brood abroad and broadening their minds! It sounds like you have a fabulous approach to travel which I am sure will benefit your children enormously when they are old enough to strike out on their. Kyrie and Kyria can be used without fear of seeming too formal; however, the one word you will rarely hear is Parakalo for please although guide books will list.

I have heard Greeks athens guy needing some attention it twice in the past year.

Someone explained to me that to appear too polite makes it seem like you are mocking the other person - especially in Athens where the big city attitude is more abrupt - like New York. I will now be neding down in flames by the Athenians on this forum - thereby proving my point!

Have a sensational adventure together! No, Krabikrazy, this is very needjng, you don't have to bother attentipn too many thank yous and pleases in Greece - excessive use of politeness UK style is indeed seen as either weird or mocking. Broodyhen, I don't really see in what situations you or your kids might need to use kyrie or kyria to address people. If you want to appear knowledgeable in Greek, here's my top tip: If there is more gay hard fucked one of athens guy needing some attention, even if the talking athens guy needing some attention done by just you or your partner, on ending the transaction say ef-harris-TOO-meh meaning we thank you.

Needijg don't have to chorus it, but you do have to thank on behalf of the group. A good mnemonic for remembering how to say ef-harris-TOH is to think of it as ef-harry's-toe.

When entering a shop, a simple hello will suffice, but if you want to appear to be making an effort, say YEAH-sas. You can also say YEAH-sas for goodbye.

Athens guy needing some attention

Good morning is kalimera, pronounced kah-li-MEH-rah, and can be used in the mornings for both hello and goodbye. So if you're leaving a shop and want to say thank you and good bye, you can say "efharistoome, athsns or "efxaristoume, kalimera".

You allways give a sense of respect using the formal kyria - kirie, and is good when you respect people. I think you will have allways a better care using it and no matter how strange is what Ima going to say happened to work in public athens guy needing some attention department calling people Kyria - Kyrie gives them athens guy needing some attention better self - esteem. Free christian dating for free allways use it myself and I must say taxi drivers or waiters they really apreciate it.

Just dont make the mistake and call Kyria a laday less than 30 years old Gas, that is just not true! Despinis athens guy needing some attention much more insulting, especially if you're over Anyway, if you don't know someone's surname, why would you ever call them Kyrie - Kyria, unless they were your teacher? Would you really walk into a shop and address a shop assistant as "Kyria, do you sell phonecards" or would you say athens guy needing some attention me, do you sell phonecards"?

Using "kyria" in this context almost sounds rude. Yes Tinsie Im not going to use it for people in my age Kyrie on its own? Fair enough if you know the person's name Kyrie Gianni, Kyria Apostoloubut just to address someone in a shop?

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I just can't see myself walking into a shop and saying: Kyria, tha ithela na do afto to panteloni sti vitrina blah blah blah. I might say something like Yiassas, tha ithela na do athens guy needing some attention blah blah, which is fool proof and will sound perfect every time. They might sex convention miami I was having a laugh!

Or I guess they might think it's cute. And I bet you wouldn't use it in every situation when you came into contact with a local i. This is because you're a native speaker and aware of the nuances.

A whats sexy to men with only basic Greek won't be able to do. Hence my advice to stick with forms of aathens that work with anyone and in any circumstance. Why make more trouble for you than you needihg BTW it's worth pointing out the correct pronounciation just in case: Athens guy needing some attention think we have missunderstand this word in greek and to some seem childhood as you said Kirie and Kiria fits with sme phrases Gas, I agree with everything you're saying.

Tatention objection is entirely needibg ensuring correct usage. The OP will have four kids under 12 with her and it sounds as if their Greek will be fairly limited.

I get very frustrated when I hear foreigners shout "yiassoo" and "efharisto" instead of "yiassas" and "efharistoume" as needed - I know they're doing it because they think it's more friendly or nicer or more respectful to use the local lingo, but when it sounds wrong, it sounds wrong. If you're going to go into the trouble of learning some Greek to show athens guy needing some attention rather than for pure personal enjoymentthe least you can do is use what you can correctly - and kudos to the OP for bringing this up and asking for advice, most people don't bother.

Diogenes of Sinope - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Well, I'm glad I asked, because that was athens guy needing some attention informative! Yeah, we are just learning the basics, and this is exactly what I wanted to understand. I'm especially happy to learn the "group" thank you. I'm listening to the Needong method and they're all about pronunciation All of your neighbor sucks me off places can be found here in My Trips.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Quick question on politeness and formality Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Athens forums.

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All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. What are the most popular tours in Athens? See all.

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Unique sailing experience from Athens to Agistri, Moni and Aegina. Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi, Meteora. Athens W. Ask a question. Buying ferry tickets online or at port?

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See All Athens Conversations. What is the best area to stay in Athens?

View Hotel. Herodion Hotel.

Plaka Hotel. Centrotel Hotel.

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Hotel Metropolis. Central Athens Hotel. Attalos Hotel.

View all hotels. Top questions about Athens. Withdrawing cash at ATMs, Warning! What to do in Athens? How much neednig in Athens? Please read.

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Visiting Athens for two days. Food, food, food! Budgeting tips - Freebies Wheelchair accessibility? Athens trip reports Is Athens safe? Absolutely Athens 3, forum posts. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions.

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