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Cute good looking guy

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cute And Good-looking. Does "cute" imply "good-looking"? Does it have the same connotation to say "cute" to a girl and to a boy? Thank you. DBM said:.

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Markus Senior Member Paris, France. Yeah, it depends on the age of the person. Kids, babies and very old people can be cute but cuts not sexual. It's rather referring to their behaviour. Teenagers and adults can be cute too, in a sexual way. I hear it applied to boys more often than girls, but it can be used with girls. cute good looking guy

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I agree with Markus, it would not seem an apt term for a mature lady, like me, for instance! In AE, cute tends to be applied to boys and girls However, adults who are youthfully cute will continue to fit the cute moniker. They are good looking Attractive adults who have lost or outgrown [or never had] cuteness For example: I agree with all free gay com of the.

For some reason, when referring to young women, 'cute' also replies to someone of medium height, or shorter. This is not the case with men, where 'cute' means physically attractive, especially the facial features, particularly a boyish cute good looking guy. As a man I've never objected to being loooking "cute and good looking". This is, as the astute will have realised, because the occasion has never arisen! Although, if Pooking remember correctly, during my visit to Ireland, "cute" can also refer cute good looking guy someone who is cheeky Markus said:.

I am male, but I hear it used to refer to guys much cute good looking guy frequently than to girls.

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Maybe it's an age thing. Perhaps because I am male, I rarely hear it applied to guys, but quite often to girls.

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It may, however, depend heavily on culture, location and the population demographics where you are located. Why, does being male impair your hearing? Also, "cute" can mean sweet-looking, child-like. So, you could say, "Ah, aren't you cute?

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lolking In fact, you find him sweet and child-like and maybe not boyfriend material. ElCamaron Member Madrid. Hello friends, And what about " handsome " and " gorgeous "? Similar meaning with the other ones you discussed? Could anyone classify them regarding to their use for males, cute good looking guy women, both, kids, Any other similar words?

Bye for now!

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Hi Elroy - this is not true, at least for BE. A handsome woman is beautiful in a noble, fine-boned way. Well, the last two analogies are my interpretation, but we do cute good looking guy of handsome women.

I've personally never heard of "handsome" cute good looking guy to refer to a woman. I curitiba women if it's a British-American difference, or if it's just a coincidence that I haven't ever heard of "handsome women.

Has anyone out there heard of cute as a description for someone who is bowl-legged?

I've never even heard of "bowl-legged" but a wee googlage shows that it does exist, and I presume USonym of what I would call bow-legged. And at the end of all that, no I've not heard of cute as a synonym of bandy. Hope you weren't holding your breath Vikta Member Quebec City, Qc. In quebec cute good looking guy is used by girls for boys, in a kind of sexual way.

But no guy will say "cute" about another guy, or ppl god hes gay. The guy might say "good-looking" milf wants to fuck numbers in Lunenburg Massachusetts another guy and it is OK, though, cause hes cute good looking guy stating a fact, not a sexual remark Cute is not necessarily used for people.

We say cute puppy, cute outfit, cute remark, cute smile. I'd rather be handsome than gorgeous! Wow, how interesting! Thank you all, friends Un saludote.

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Cute can cute good looking guy mean clever, or intelligent as in the way he solved that problem was really cute. In AE you frequently hear " you're a beautiful man guy " or " you're beautiful " and it is simply a gracious "thank you".

Don't put yourself down Suzi! I'm mature and very cute. Cute also refers to someone's particularly endearing actions. I would have to know the person fairly lookong, cute good looking guy I wouldn't hesitate to say, "You're too cute! Depending on tone of voice, "cute" can also refer to an action that's annoying or mean, "Aren't you cute!

What Makes Some Guys 'Handsome,' Some Guys 'Cute' and Some And what about 'sexy-ugly,' 'good-looking' and 'beautiful'? Here's an. Cute = not traditionally good looking, 'there is something about him, I don't know . Some girls do dig young looking guys, but at your age it isn't great odds to be. CUTE,. IT'S. SCARY. Good-looking guys have always terrified me. I can't even talk to them, and for years I only had sex with guys I wasn't attracted to. But this.

As for the question of handsome for a woman in AE. I heard it many years ago by senior citizens many of whom are probably no longer with us.

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I think it has fallen out of us in the US, even at that cute good looking guy it seemed archaic to me and I also would give it the somewhat lkoking feeling but that may just be my.

Cute can also by clever as in BE. I have indeed heard girls not women use gorgeous for males. MarcB said:. Kat LaQ said:.

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Ok, I've got to put in a plug for handsome woman in AE. And I'm still here!

It is not used as often as beautiful or cute, to be sure, but in my opinion implies a sort of elegance, not necessarily a masculine look. LV's lovely quote captures the elegance very well! Seana Senior Member Poland.

Hi, May I have any question? As far as I have learnt the word "cute" I known that cute good looking guy couldn't be used for the men in a 'macho lookin. Wouldn't it bit insulted for a mature man if he was said "how cute you are"?

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Maybe it means that he is a little effeminate man? Seana said:.

In AE, cute tends to be applied to boys and girls and good looking to As a man I've never objected to being called "cute and good looking". CUTE,. IT'S. SCARY. Good-looking guys have always terrified me. I can't even talk to them, and for years I only had sex with guys I wasn't attracted to. But this. Do this in the morning, that way you are smelling good right as you walk out the door. You especially want to wash.

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