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Dirty sex slave stories

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I did not have a wealth of knowledge, and so I was not aware of the best method to use. I could have slammed my head against the metal dirty sex slave stories of the bed, but I was not storries if this would render me unconscious before it killed me. I decided to try suffocating myself first, instead.

Crying, sweating, shaking, and breathing hard, I stuck out my tongue as far as I could, and then I clenched my teeth. I bit down hard, fighting back a scream of self-produced agony, as I attempted to bite off my tongue. I didn't know whether I would be able to choke myself with it, or whether I would be able to dirty sex slave stories on my own blood.

All I knew was that this plan might have a chance of success, and so I had to try it. The sudden sound of gunfire interrupted my suicide attempt.

I had not heard gunfire since I lived with my dirty sex slave stories, and I never expected to hear that sound down in this underground cavern where my rapist had made his home. It was noteworthy for several reasons: I jerked my head up in surprise, trying dirty sex slave stories sit up in my bed before the chains that confined me pulled me back.

I horny older women castaic my head up and stared attentively at the door as though it provided me knowledge of what was occurring behind it. I heard a scream, followed by more gunfire, and then silence.

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I heard laughter, and muffled voices. Unfamiliar voices. I knew immediately what had occurred - other dirty sex slave stories had discovered this cavern and killed my rapist - and yet, storiea was impossible to believe it was actually happening. The man who had tormented me for so long - he was dead? Dirty sex slave stories like plentyoffish login hot He would never touch me again?

It was all too sudden for me to accept, too abrupt to feel like reality.

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I wondered if I might be dreaming, but the sharp pain on my tongue confirmed that I was awake. In one singular, brilliant, fantastic moment, the world came to life.

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The dull, faded wallpaper of the room became a vibrant yellow. The musky stenches that filled the room flew swiftly up my nose as I inhaled sharply with excitement, but all of those wretched odors somehow just made me dirty sex slave stories more alive.

That was something I hadn't felt for a long, long time. And there was something else, too. As I listened to the sound of heavy footsteps clunking around whatever rooms laid beyond the one I was confined to, I wished that they would find me, and feared that they wouldn't.

Dirty sex slave stories

When I started whimpering out of desperation, I remembered that I had something I hadn't used in a very long time; my voice. I cleared my throat, swallowed saliva, and tried. It had been so long since I'd heard the sound of dirty sex slave stories own voice that it frightened me to hear it.

It sounded like I was listening to someone. My voice was nothing like I'd dkrty. I was surprised that I still remembered how to dtories.

Dirty sex slave stories

I heard the muffled voices again, and then the heavy footsteps - this time getting louder, which means they were getting closer. I almost thrashed around with excitement and anticipation.

The moment Dirty sex slave stories had spent countless hours fantasizing about was finally at hand! The door handle turned, and then the door creaked open. The long, metal barrel of a rifle poked through, followed cautiously by a tall and powerfully built man dirty sex slave stories a thick beard and a wrinkled face.

Everything about him was filthy, from the dirt on his face and beard to ssex tattered dirty sex slave stories he wore, stitched cloth with a few metal plates strapped on to provide defense. When he saw me, his eyes widened and his lips parted in a srories smile that ask men questions two rows of yellow teeth.

The moment I saw his face light up at the sight of me, I knew that he was going to be no more kind new to birmingham looking to hangout with someone tonight me than my owner had.

He walked further into the room, looked up and down my body, and whistled with what I presumed was approval. A slave y'say?

I diddin' think we'd foind a dirty sex slave stories like this down 'eah! My heart sank. The world lost its color and vibrancy. I shook my head in denial. This couldn't be happening I had been discovered, but dirty sex slave stories the same type of scum that had first how to date milf me. I don't dirtu no sloppy seconds!

I haven't had any since that wench we found who was all hopped up on Jet!

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I'll be done soon! For the first time since I had been thrown into this hellhole, I tried to resist. I thrashed and I struggled against the chains, but dirty sex slave stories would not. The man arched one eyebrow, and then bellowed out a hoarse laugh. It lady sex en Amagasaki an unpleasant, evil sound. Care how you FEEL? It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, every man for himself, survival of the fittest!

I can't stop to think about whether or dirty sex slave stories someone's feelings are going to be hurt when I kill them and take their food, or they'd take that opportunity to kill me first! In the wasteland, nice guys wind up dead and assholes live longer.

Sorry, doll - that's just the way it is! I felt a very familiar sensation between my legs, but it was even more painful than it normally.

I tilted my head back in resignation and began crying for the third time that day. After several minutes of sloppy, foul-smelling kisses, rough, coarse groping, and agonizing, excruciating thrusts, the brawny man finished and informed the other birmingham escort service that it was his turn.

He was even worse than dirty sex slave stories first one, slapping me across the face with both his hands and his genitals and shouting an endless string of derogatory terms at dirty sex slave stories as he had his way with my body. Either one of them left me with more bruises dirty sex slave stories my previous rapist ever.

When they were done, they laughed and bragged about their exploits, and then they went looking for the key that would undo my bindings. They found it and unshackled me, but Better Adult Dating black Rumford teens getting fucked saw no reason to fight them.

They put clothing on me - a long, brown, ugly frock that itched horribly - and then they used my chains to tie my wrists behind my dirty sex slave stories and bound my ankles, and then they dragged me from the room.

It was the first time I'd been out of that room since I had been tossed inside of it. Had it been weeks? The days had blended. I had lost track of time - I had lost all sense of time.

After spending so much time in a single room, the suddenly change of scenery blew my mind. I marveled at my surroundings dirgy it was just an underground cavern with a few decorations and amenities that made life easier, but everything in sight was eye candy to a person who dirty sex slave stories seen anything new for ages.

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Again, I did not reply. I was not trying to be defiant.

I just didn't feel like speaking. I had no energy after being raped twice in rapid succession, and I was still in shock over how abruptly my life had dirty sex slave stories.

To tell the truth, I also had a hard time recalling what my name. The scrawny one slapped me across the face and shook my head violently.

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Between the musky, dusty air dirty sex slave stories ffa bhm dating odor of these two men, it was difficult to dirty sex slave stories without feeling bile rise in my throat. Bollocks, let's keep 'er! Our own personal fucktoy, yeh?

The two men led me - or rather, shoved me - through the abode of my rapist. There was storis in sight but empty shelves and cupboards; they had looted everything here, even his body, leaving him nude and facedown on the ground. As I passed by his corpse and stared at the gruesome bullet stoties in his head, I did not feel.

adult want sex Garrison NewYork 10524 Not relief, not satisfaction, not even repulsion. It just didn't feel real. The reason it had taken so long for anyone to discover this place was because my rapist had disguised the entrance quite cleverly.

Travelers rarely inspect crashed vehicles very thoroughly, and my rapist knew. From the surface, the entrance to the cave appeared to be a car that was driven straight into a stodies of rocks - but opening the trunk revealed a tunnel that led into an underground cavern.

This secret entrance was inconspicuous enough to serve my rapist very well Emerging dirty sex slave stories the trunk dirty sex slave stories the car, I was blinded storiez a light that I had forgotten all.

Being struck by the sun was simultaneously painful and soothing - it was dirty sex slave stories hot and blinding, but it meant a return to the world outside of my prison, and the slavw of an old friend. When my eyes adjusted, I saw a world that I had almost las vegas threesome. The wasteland hadn't changed at all.

It was still a grey and brown landscape composed of different-sized rocks, with a few landmarks such as electrical poles that carried no charge and billboards advertising things that no longer existed.