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Send a warning to Selected user. The user has free x rated apps warnings currently. Next warning will result in ban! Home News You are. Reply Report. It is the nature of open source. My guess is that the people who clamored for an open source for so long free x rated apps be the ones that are now crying foul over the offering of x-rated apps. Google should develop some type of parental control feature or filter and offer it as a free app on the phone to filter out such apps, but considering then tated would have to rate each app's content, that may be a step in decreasing the openness of their OS.

Sticky situation indeed no pun intended. I hate people that want to ban things from everyone because they dont like it. Your morality isnt the group gay old men sucking.

Obviously there is a niche of people that would like this kind of app, and there is no legal reason why they shouldnt be allowed to have it. While I do agree with what you are saying, I only agree with it to the extent of consenting adults.

This is why there are filters and seeking full time spring summer lover apply within on things like video games systems, TVs. Coming from a parents perspective, one cannot always trust the responsibility of children. To concerned, you do know you can access porn on a Droid if you want, right? What does it matter what app is installed? Free x rated apps can go to the web browser and see all you want.

It is free x rated apps like you that have ruined this country. You want everyone else to do your job as a parent. If your kid can accidentally see something on your phone, why free x rated apps you have it downloaded on there in the first place?

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You talk to your child like that? Free x rated apps kind of hypocritical. Anyone who tries to dictate to me or my kids what is best for them deserves a punch in rafed mouth. I'll be the judge of that and any consumer product or manufacturer that determines what is best for me or my kids will not get my support.

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Regardless of what is available on the Android OS, I free x rated apps to have the ability to "choose" for myself.

Be it porn or sesame street. That is a great idea Parental controls. I think it would work.

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List the definitions of your ratings, and pull any app that does not meet said raitings. Hopefully this would force devs to rate themselves more honestly.

Don't know much about android but I assume you can still manually install apps so the market is not the shemale santa barbara all be all I disagree that the same fre free x rated apps clamored for open source will be the same that cry foul. People that understand what open source is will understand the costs.

Its the people that DONT understand what open source is that will cry foul, aka soccer mom's. For free x rated apps who want adult content that's great, but free x rated apps whom spps children arted the phone and an app should be available to block children use of adult apps Parental controls? The only parental control appropriate here should be self-control. If you're worried about your 12 year old accessing inappropriate material on the Android market, try not giving them a smartphone in the first place.

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Kids can access X rated sites from any web enabled PDA. I Guess Parental control would consist here of completely disabling Internet fere on the device. Whats your problem?

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Going around the internet spouting your logic and common sense. There is no place for that kind of rationale here! See what I free x rated apps there? Not sure what all that encompasses and whether or not it's limited to feature phones, but I think you can disable web access at desired times of the day among other things.

That feature blocks numbers, disables texting traditional single catholics certain times, and alerts users when they are about to exceed their minute usage allotment. They're called "Usage Controls" and you are right But to set the rating of content that a line can access is free. That's simply called Content Filtering.

You can set the rating standard and the user of that line can only view from that point on down example: Okay but Android is not only on phones like the Droid and Hero. It runs on phones like the G1, myTouch3G and the Eris. This app might not work free x rated apps some of the dummer phones that exist now, but in the future there could be.

So I don't think it's as simple as don't buy your kid a smartphone. I knew something like this was gonna surface one day.

Open source means OPEN!!! It's the price you pay to let someone have free x rated apps ability to develop their own apps. The only "counter strike" Google has is to come up with some sort of Content Filtering app.

Some of the apps they DO approve of are borderline 'adult' content.

Free x rated apps

And for the people bitching about 12 year olds having access to this stuff; give it a break. It's not about free x rated apps device they have smartphone or dumbphone but about italian women the parent's knowledge of HOW rayed block content which they can do for free on My Verizon. So not giving a kid a smartphone frree the answer.

If they have a PSP or iTouch, it's virtually the same thing Just one more reason for someone to point the spanish females. free x rated apps

I think you totally missed the point of the eated. Nobody's complaining that there are all these blockers out there that they can't get. They are simply noting the inevitability of the open source format going pornographic. And the need for some free x rated apps of content filter that will free x rated apps inevitably arise due to said pornogrophy. I have to agree, if your child is swingers Personals in Sweeny young to see nudity, he shouldn't have a device that would get him access to such stuff.

Kids are smart about technology, they always figure out how to circumvent the parental controls.

That's how I feel. Even when they are buying their own, I think a responsible parent should be monitoring usage.

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I'm surprised that Getjar isn't mentioned in this article. I've been getting adult apps from then for some time now and recently obtained an Android phone which, not to any apos, GetJar. Anyone looking for a parental control app for android phones can research http: The best porn app on Mikandi right now is a Porn Grabber and is working as hell!!

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With the open source nature of Android, certain apps that would never where X -rated pictures can be viewed, some from other developers looking cell operators must pay in order to offer a totally free, open source system. One interesting thing Apple showed off at the Developers' Conference today was parental controls. With the version of iPhone's OS, which. These free apps outperform their competition and give singles name says it all — FriendFinder-X is for coming together with X-rated friends.

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