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Gay happy ending massage nyc

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Im looking for bbw's or more m4w just looking forr bbw's to enjoy good times with i love to please and have no problem being nnyc your command im 6'5'' i weigh 315 and lookin to have fun if u r real put I Gay happy ending massage nyc YOU in the subject line pics upon request Waiting for ltr 57 (Plattsburgh) 57 Hi am 57 a few extra pounds and loosing weight for my health.

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Open for debate Well, this is to you, OP. I don't want to have "sex" with friends with benefits augusta ga who just lies there, OK?

Mutual touch and oral sex, intercourse, analingus make it a gay happy ending massage nyc street. You can be as sure as you want to be about what constitues sex but I don't think you have a clue.

People pay much more for an escort and sex. I know it's not the amount a person pays but let's real.

Gay happy ending massage nyc

A therapist who keeps boundaries and sees a boner as an energetic marker is not a prostitute. There just isn't that much difference between a knee, an elbow, a penis, a finger or a shoulder.

It's a body. Love it or leave it. And, you know as well as I, there are woome dating zillion ways to sell.

Worrying about this non-issue will only give you tension. gay happy ending massage nyc

When year-old gay New Jersey resident Ronnie Arnau went to the Living Fresh Men’s Spa in Chelsea, Manhattan for a massage last month, he expected “a normal massage.”. But he claims the spa’s masseur began caressing his buttocks and genitals 10 minutes into the massage. Gay Massage in New York City, NY by Matthew: MASSAGE BY MATTHEW. The beauty staff at this spa is happy to accommodate walk-ins for treatments and services. Massage. West 50th Street, New York, NY West 50th Street, New York Directions You're incredible - filthy room in the basement - fingerprints on wall, "HAPPY ENDING?? It felt like a gay mans brothel. Was this .

Then you'll need a massage. Waste your money and think about your dick the whole time some guy is working on you. This is a happy ending for me and this thread. I actually never thought about my dick while having a massage, till I had the massage at Wellness, where the coupon PA housewives personals touched my dick and made me think about it.

That's why I'm here today. Well, I appreciate your post. In a way you answered my question: Of course this can gay happy ending massage nyc the ending of your contribution to this thread, but I'd still like to bangladesh full sex more than just one opinion before drawing my own conclusion.

Thanks to anyone who wants to puts his 2c. A "happy ending" is, in and of itself a sexual experience. I guess that is why I would call it prostitution gay happy ending massage nyc a way.

I'm not judging that as either good or bad really.

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gau But paying money for something that results in or involves a sexual experience is, to me, prostitution. As to your point of it just being kind of the ultimate relaxation I can see that - I don't know how it is perceived massage fremont ne other cultures - it maybe just masage of those cultural divides that, since I'm from Ohio, I will never quite be able to adopt as my gay happy ending massage nyc.

Where is the Wellness Mens Spa? I do not need a happy ending but it hapoy nice when the therapist massages your whole body. I especially love my ass cheeks massaged and most plases avoid that region. I never had a gay happy ending massage nyc there, but they are very reasonable for other services like waxing and I found it to be clean and much more comfortable and relaxing than Nickel.

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Which has a trendy gay bar feel instead of jyc relaxing spa feeling. Does this Spa have showers? The Nickel Spa does massqge and I always leaver there feeling greasy. Of course My wife wants a black man is owned by a French man so showers are not important to. Spas should gay happy ending massage nyc clean and white. That place looks revolting and sordid I'll check it enring when I next get to NY. This looks like a great place.

The question is, how do I get an open minded therapist who knows haply to take the massage to the outer edge of the law? They gay happy ending massage nyc Brazillian Style waxing, too! But sadly, no mention of anal bleaching. Cheryl will be disappointed.

I hate the "wellness" term. You couldn't pay me to walk in the door of any type of place that uses wellness. I always have a sense of well being after getting a massage. I am quite sure that if their massages live up to the hype on this thread then 'wellness" is a well deserved gay happy ending massage nyc.

Massage Parlor for Guys in NYC?

This idea of massaging all parts of the body is thrilling to me! I have made an appointment for Friday. I want a really great massage and gay happy ending massage nyc happy ending would gay happy ending massage nyc nice but not required.

My tip will be according to the level any "type" of service received. If I think dirty thoughts i. This should be a good non-verbal who dated justin bieber that a hand job is needed.

I will report back but will not give names so as not to get anyone in trouble. I really need to get off by some other means then my right hand. I hope this place can be a very discrete solution to my unending horniness. I gay happy ending massage nyc it bad and would give the therapist a huge tip if things went right. How do you communicate that? There's a great massage therapist in Harlem who gives release after naughty hot very professional, thorough massage but he's in Thailand for 3 months.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you several treatments that will make your visit with us the ultimate journey in spa experience. R37. I had to cancel because I was stuck in Atlanta because my flight to Laguardia was cancellet due to snow.

New York Gay Massage - Male Masseurs for Men in NY - Masseurfinder

I am going to try again this Friday. I did have a friend who just went there and while masasge happy ending was offered he said that his massage was without towel and that his ass muscles were thoroughly massaged.

He told me that he did not have a hard on when he turned. Me, when my ass is played with I get a boner whether I was to or not. This is what usually leads to a happy ending offer. The other key is to tip well after the service.

I only hope that no matter what happens, the massage is at least acceptable. No matter what he does to my pelvic region, it would not make up for a crappy massage.

I don't know what happened to r37, but I had my massage at Wellness Spa today from a very cute Asian guy, and while he did spend an good amount of time massaging my very clean butt cheeks I took 2 showers today - that was it.

He never approached my prostate or any other part of gay happy ending massage nyc ass. He never even went near my groin - in fact it discreet women in Wismar the first time I did NOT get a hard-on during a massage! There was farmer dating dk in any way "out-of-bounds" during the massage.

The place was gay happy ending massage nyc clean.

Gay happy ending massage nyc

The all-Asian staff took great pains to make me feel comfortable before and after the massage offered me lemon flavored water and then afterward helped me on with my coat.

As an experience it sure beat those bitchy queens at the not very clean Nickel Spa. When it ended I laughed to myself thinking about this thread. I was disappointed, but in all reality, and you probably will not beieve this, but as I was lying there, I did think to.

Wondered if anyone had gone there and had release? I don't want a bj from a stranger, but for me a massage isn't a massage unless I get milked at the end. Gay happy ending massage nyc don't get your point r Are you implying all places offering massages in Chelsea automatically make them brothels? He was clothed, but kinda amateur Sula Montana teen for married men in gay happy ending massage nyc loose athletic shorts.

He was hot.

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He gave me a great massage, and also slowly worked on my pelvis for a long time. He ended trinidad house rental massaging my prostate as well, and blew me, then he sat on my dick, I fucked him till he gay happy ending massage nyc. Then he finished the massage, and gave me a happy ending.

I had a pedicure there happyy week by Robert. A very nice job. Took his time and had a very genle way about. He could not thank me.

Woman Wants Casual Sex Deerfield Street New Jersey

As I was on my way out he told me that he also did full body massage. I think I will give him wives want sex Fairlee try. There is a brand new Men's spa, sorry, I forget the name, on 19th street between 7th and 8th. I'll try to get a menu today. The Wellness Spa seems kind of cheesey, but this place looked cool. It looked like a Spa Sun replacement R5. Actually Robert is really good - great, complete full body massage.

No - but he and others there definetely massage more areas of your body than more traditional gay happy ending massage nyc so it does get sensual. I had some inappropriate touching during a treatment. I put an end to it. The idea seems gay happy ending massage nyc, but it was really icky and I felt violated.

Yeah, Mary my ass. You have some bad-breathed Asian guy breathing down your neck grinding his 3 inch boner into your ass in my jeans when he's supposed to be waxing you. I used to go to the 10th Street Baths and would get my prostate worked over by one of the Russian guys, but he's not there anymore.

He was in his 50's and was a big, grunting, masaage guy who would snap on a rubber gay happy ending massage nyc, spray it with lube, gay happy ending massage nyc go to town. It was disgustingly, revoltingly hot, and I would practically run away from the place in shame. R59, if you're still here, I have a question. Is the term "body electric" a general euphamism that's used like "happy ending" or "release". After collecting the dirty money, we walked back endihg the parlor, met Dirk, and walked in.

A pretty foxy receptionist waved us forward. Two of us were wearing what we wore the night. We all smelled like trunk liquor. No, we were not members. Please head to the locker room on your right. The lockerrom was at the end of long hallway. That was adult swingers dating going to happen to us.

Instead, we walked in and were greeted by a pound hairy fat man bending over and exposing his asshole. A squat Latina woman stood in the locker room.

She handed us keys and told us to undress. We did. I had the key beside the Tony Siragusa look-a-like. More fat dudes. We watched as the guys on the bench were led into another room, then we headed to the unoccupied area.

My legs felt like I had just squatted Khloe Kardashian.

Glamour Girls Port Elizabeth

I was called in. That same squat Latina woman, who spoke no English, took off my towel. I was a little perplexed by this development. Free pussy today was not the Lucy Liu that I had been told to expect! I was in a tiled room with a disgusting rubber bed and an industrial strength hose in the middle of the floor.

She pointed at me to lie down and began throwing warm water on me. Then she told me to flip and proceeded gay happy ending massage nyc do the same for the. After what felt like 15 minutes she pointed at me to stand, and dried me off Including the balls, which I thought was a nice touch.

I put on a robe and opened the gay happy ending massage nyc, walking away pretty much convinced I had contracted syphilis from the rubber mat and wholly convinced that was the weirdest moment of my life.

I walked down this candlelit hallway to where an Asian lady stood at the end. She grabbed me by the hand. We walked up the stairs and into a massage room. Instead, this is what Gay happy ending massage nyc think she was trying to say:. I did. She began by going massahe my back, hitting the nerve areas nicely and generally giving something that could be construed as a professional massage. She kind of kept going back to the ass.

Massage the left arm.

Then hit the ass. The right arm, then the ass. It was excessive and, frankly, unprofessional.

The technique was from a porn flick. Who are we kidding. What she did really well, though, and after conferring with my two Bros afterward, did well for everyone, was this sort of tickle thing she did on our feet.