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Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. You may change your settings at any time. Your choices will german lady names impact your visit. These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Search for: German baby names: Home Living in Germany Family German baby names: Last update on August gefman, Related articles. March 8, Lessons we should all adopt from German parenting.

February 24, The 10 best side effects of German parenting. May terman, 10 reasons to be a kid in Germany.

May 16, Daycare and preschool in Germany. Latest articles. July 11, German lady names your mortgage in Germany. May 20, Vaccinations in Germany. Female Jutte. Female Spokane escort backpage. German lady names Karoline.

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Browse an interactive list of German baby Girl names with their real meanings and religion. In use in Germany. ADA: Pet form of German names containing the element adal, meaning "noble." Compare with other forms of Ada. ADALA: Old German name. Given names with Old High German as their language of origin plus names and related words that are in use where people speak Old High German, Page 1.

Female Rheta. Female Rhita. Female Rike. Female Rilian. Female Rilla.

German Girls Names: Popular Girls Names in Germany | Baby Name Wizard | Baby Name Wizard

Female Robertha. Female Roderica. Female Rolanda. Female Romantza.

Female Romy. Female Ronja. Female Rosalinde. Female Rosamond. Female Rosamund. Female Rudy. Female Ruperta. Female Sascha. Female Selma. Female Senta. Ellyzabeth God's oath.

Check out these most popular baby names in Germany in the s! baby names, popular baby names by year, Girl baby Names, male baby. German Girl Names. German names for girls include such classics as Alice and Emma along with many girls' names that rank among the most fashionable today . Many German baby names work internationally, although Germany places some . girls born had a name in the top 10 most popular German female names.

Elma God's oath. Eloise Warrior maiden. Elpeth God's oath. Elrica The ruler of all. Elsa God's oath.

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Elsbeth God's oath. Else Noble. Elsese Noble Elsa, Elsie.

Elsha Noble. Elsie Consecrated to god. Elsje Noble. Elyse God's oath. Elysia God's oath.

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Ema Serious. Emaline Industrious, Eager. Emelia Industrious, Eager. Emelie Industrious. Emelyn Industrious, Eager. Emera Industrious leader.

Emestina Serious. Emestine Serious. Emilia Industrious, Eager. Emiline Industrious, Eager.

German lady names

Emily Industrious, eager. Emmylou Whole or complete. Emyln Industrious, Eager. Engelbertha Bright angel. Engelbertina Bright angel.

Engelbertine Bright angel. Engleberta Bright angel. Enrica Ever-powerful. Eraman Honorable. Eramana Honorable. Erica Ever-powerful.

Category:German female given names - Wiktionary

Ericka Ever-powerful. Erika Ever-powerful. Erma Complete War goddess. Erna Earnest, Vigorous. Ernesta Earnest, Vigorous. German lady names Serious, Determined. Ernestine Earnest, vigorous. Ertha The earth. Eryka Ever-powerful. Ethel Noble. Ethelinda Noble serpent. Etta Little german lady names. Evonna Archer. Evony Archer. Faiga A bird. Farica Chief of peace. Federica Peaceful ruler.

Felda From the field. Felisberta Intelligent. Fernanda Adventurous.

German Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Germany from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia. German Girl Names. German names for girls include such classics as Alice and Emma along with many girls' names that rank among the most fashionable today . Check out these most popular baby names in Germany in the s! baby names, popular baby names by year, Girl baby Names, male baby.

Franziska Free. Fredda Peaceful ruler. Frederica Peaceful ruler. Fredericka Peaceful german lady names. Frederika Peaceful ruler. Fredie Peace, Joy. Fredrica Peace. Fredricka Peaceful ruler. Fredrika Peaceful ruler. Freida Peace, Joy. Frieda Peace, joy. Friede Peace, Joy. Friederike Peaceful ruler. Gabriele God's able-bodied one. Gaelle Stranger.

Galiana Supreme One. Galiena Haughty. Gari Feminine of gary. Geneva Of the race of women. Geneve Of the race of german lady names. Genevie Of the race of women.

Genivee Of the race of women. Genoveva White wave. Genowefa White wave. Georgia Farmer. Geraldina Rules by the naems. Geralyn Rules by the spear.

Gerda Protection.

German lady names

Gerde Protected. Gerdie Protected. Gerhardina Mighty with a spear. Gerhardine Mighty with a spear. German lady names Mighty with a spear. Gerwalta Mighty with a spear. Ghislaine Pleasant oath. Gilberta Hostage. Gisela A pledge, Oath. Giselle A pledge. Gisilberhta Hostage. Gretchen Little pearl. Gricelda Gray; gray-haired. Griselde Gray battle maiden. Grisella Gray, Gray haired. Grisjahilde Gray battle maiden. Griswalda From the gray forest. Griswalde From the gray 19m for sexy bbw. Grizelda Endless german lady names.

Gryselda Gray, Gray haired. Gudrun Divine knowledge. Gudruna Divine knowledge. Guida Guide. Guilaine Pleasant oath. Gunilla Battle maiden. Gunnel Battle maiden.

Gustel Noble. Hadu Vigorous battle maiden. Haduwig Strife. Halag Pious. Halfrid Peaceful heroine. Halfrida Peaceful heroine.

German lady names

Halifrid Peaceful heroine. German lady names Gracious. Harimanna Warrior maiden. Harimanne Warrior maiden. Harriet Home ruler. Hazen Considerate. Germa Vigorous battle maiden.

Hedwig Refuge in battle. Hedy Strife.