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Williams and Gir were found liable for copyright infringement by a federal craigslist android app review in Marchand Gaye was awarded posthumous songwriting credit based on the royalties pledged to his estate. The song's music video was released in two versions: The uncensored version of the video was removed from YouTube for violating the site's terms of servicebut restored with an age restriction.

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The lyrics and music video to "Blurred Lines" phone chat line free trial controversial, with some groups claiming they are misogynistic and promote a culture of date rape. It was banned in the United Kingdom from some institutions and students' unions at universities. Thicke offered numerous rebuttals, but also called the song "a bad joke".

Williams defended his song, i know you want it you re a good girl the accusers were selectively picking apart the lyrics and the song was actually meant to empower women. Video director Diane Martel said the music video was meant to be silly and provocative, and the women in it were meant to be overpowering the men. It became Thicke's first, T. It became one of the best-selling singles of all timewith sales of The song was completed in less than an hour.

Pharrell and I were in the studio and [ He and I would go back and forth where I'd sing a line and he'd be like, precoital massage, hey, hey! Come over here!

Thicke and manager Jordan Feldstein decided the song would not have much impact through radio and would need an innovative approach to become a hit.

It was a non-traditional athens guy needing some attention it didn't sound like a Timbaland or College girls boston Blanco record. So we had to approach the market in an interesting way. Its controversial nature was designed i know you want it you re a good girl attract attention with Feldstein saying: Getting something banned actually helps you.

The music videodirected by Diane Martelwas released on March 20, In the unrated version of the video, the models wear just thongs. This is the second time that director Diane Martel and Pharrell join together for a music video project involving two differently rated versions.

The video for the N. D single " Lapdance " also featured models in two variant editions, one of which, like "Blurred Lines", is a topless version. After being on the site for just under one week, ,now unrated version of the video was removed from YouTube on March 30,citing violations of the site's terms of service that restricts the uploading of videos containing nudity, particularly if used in a sexual context.


The video was shot as a white cyclorama. Martel favorably referred to the large hashtags that flash throughout the video as "awkward" goid noted she enjoyed their obstructive quality.

The fashion in which the women in the video are dressed was in part inspired by the work of photographer Helmut Newton. When asked about what references she drew from for the video, Martel cited the ballets of George Balanchine as performed by the Soulmate dates York City Balletnoting their minimalismas well as the goid of Richard Avedon.

The manner in which Martel directed the action and interaction of those in the video was intended to convey playfulness while also presenting the women "in the power position.

Critical reactions to Blurred Lines were mostly positive. Music fans voted "Blurred Lines" second in a Time Out Sydney poll of the worst songs ever recorded. In Australia, the song was certified quadruple platinum for shipments ofand triple platinum in New Zealand for sales of 45, In the United States, goodd song debuted at number 94 on the Billboard Hot inow, [34] the following week the song rose to number 89, then to number 70, then to number Immediately afterwards the song flew up to number 12 on the Hot The track is i know you want it you re a good girl Pharrell's third Billboard Hot number one single and T.

As of June 12,"Blurred Lines" has sold 1 million copies in the United States since its release, becoming Thicke's first single to do so.

It became the best-selling song of in the US, selling 6, downloads in In Canada, the song reached number one for 13 consecutive weeks, becoming the longest-running number-one single of Ru married and looking the launch of the Canadian Hot inthe song has become third with i know you want it you re a good girl weeks at number one, tying " Apologize " by Timbaland featuring OneRepublicand just behind " Uptown Funk " by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars and " I Gotta Feeling " by The Black Eyed Peaswith 15 and 16 weeks on top of the charts respectively.

Blurred Lines (Feat. Pharrell Williams, T.I.) - Robin Thicke - VAGALUME

Saint simons Cullman bbw dating April 21,it was announced that "Blurred Lines" was the most downloaded song of all time i know you want it you re a good girl the UK, [49] with digital sales of more than 1. Its current UK sales stand at 1, In the United States, the song topped the Billboard Hot for twelve consecutive weeks, becoming the longest running number one single of and of the s decade, surpassing Rihanna 's " We Found Love "[52] but was later replaced by Mark Ronson ' s " Uptown Funk " in According to the IFPI, by the end ofthe song had sold As of Augustit is currently the seventh best-selling digital single of all time.

It was the second best-selling song of in the US and the best-selling song of in the UK. Critics such as Tricia Romano of The Daily Beast wrote that the song and the music video trivialize sexual consent. She asserts that, despite being one of the best-selling singles of all timewith sales of Her article quoted many critics who believe that the song promotes rape culture because the title "Blurred Lines" and lyrics like "I know you want it" encourage the idea "no doesn't always mean no" and that some women who are raped are asking for it.

At the University of Edinburghstudents' association officials stated that the song violates its policy against "rape i know you want it you re a good girl and lad banter " and promotes an unhealthy attitude towards sex and consent.

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Thicke, noting that all three male singers are married and have children, said that the Diane Martel -directed video was tongue-in-cheek. It's saying that women and men are equals as animals and as power". During an interview with NPR"Blurred Lines" producer and co-writer Pharrell defended the song, highlighting the lyric "that man is not your maker", saying, goood don't know anything that could be more clear about our position in the song" and " That man—me cowboy to girls a human being, me as a man, I'm not your maker, I can't tell you what to.

What would be controversial about it? In "Blurred Lines", the Robin Thicke lyrics are: He's a man, so he definitely did not make you What I was trying to say was: When you pull back and look at the entire song, the point yok She's a good girl, and even good girls want to do things, and that's where you have the blurred lines.

She expresses it in dancing because she's i know you want it you re a good girl good girl.

People who are agitated just want to be mad, and I accept their opinion We got a kick out of making people dance, and that was the intention. I wanted to deal with the misogynist, funny lyrics in a way where the girls were going to overpower the men. Look at Emily Ratajkowski 's performance; it's very, very funny and subtly ridiculing.

I know you want it you re a good girl

That's what is fresh to me. It also forces the men to feel playful and not at all like predators. I directed the girls to look into the camera, this is very intentional old black man pictures they do it most of the i know you want it you re a good girl they are de the power position.

I don't think the video is sexist. The lyrics are ridiculous, the guys are silly as fuck. That said, I respect women who are watching out for negative images in pop culture and who find the nudity offensive, but I find [the video] meta and playful. Thicke at first appears to contradict his claims that the song is about women empowerment in an interview given to GQ in Maystating: We tried to do everything that was taboo.

From the Mouths of Rapists: The Lyrics of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' - Pacific Standard

Bestiality, drug injections, and everything that is completely derogatory towards women. Because all three of us are happily married with children, we were like, "We're i know you want it you re a good girl perfect awnt to make fun of. What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman.

I've never gotten to do that. I've always respected women. When asked about this, Diane Martel denied that there was any such intention calling the idea that it was ever discussed and Thicke's GQ statement "crazy".

In an interview for CBC Radio 's QThicke dismissed the idea that yoi song is about a man forcing himself sexually onto a woman as "an impossible reality". It's a joke.

If they can't get the joke, I feel bad for them, but I'm not going to yoy the joke. In the interview, Thicke noted that part of video director Diane Martel's intention was to generate attention, but Thicke defended the song, saying: Yyou song has nothing to do with belittling a woman or misogyny or.

Obviously, when a guy's woodman WI horny girls there fully clothed and the girls are naked, I totally welcome the conversation of what does this video say about knod and women, but the song itself, the title, 'Blurred I know you want it you re a good girl, is about men and woman are equals.

Gaye's iit accused the song's authors of copying the "feel" and "sound" of "Got to Give It Up" the song that Thicke personally claimed was an influence on "Blurred Lines"while Bridgeport claimed that the song illegally sampled Funkadelic 's song "Sexy Ways". In the lawsuit, Gaye's family was accused of making an invalid copyright claim since only expressions, not individual ideas can be protected. One's minor and one's major. And not even in the same key. Look, technically it's not plagiarized.

It's not the same chord progression. It's a feeling.

I know you want it you re a good girl

Because there's a cowbell in it and a Fender Rhodes as the main instrumentation—that still doesn't make it plagiarized. We all know it's derivative.

waant That's how Pharrell works. Everything that Pharrell produces is derivative of another song—but it's a homage. In SeptemberThe Hollywood Reporter released files relating to a deposition from the case.

Within the deposition Thicke stated that he was "high on Vicodin and alcohol when [he] showed up at the studio", and that as a result, "Pharrell had the beat and he woome dating almost every single part of the song". Kronstadt ruled the Gaye family's lawsuit sant Thicke and Williams could proceed, stating the plaintiffs "have made a sufficient showing that elements of 'Blurred Lines' wnat be substantially similar to protected, original elements of 'Got to Give It Up'.