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I would love your pantie

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It is not downtown, maybe 10 minutes but it is nice and new, has 2 rooms, and 2 HD TVs. Soon m4w Like everyone else on here, I am seeking for some fun. Im 6ft 170lesbian with green eyes and brown hair just moved to the area.

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Each day when I get out of the shower, I dry off, put on some deodorant, and then step into my panties. Yes, my panties.

Not my i would love your pantie, my knickers, my wouldd, my drawers, or whatever other bullshit word you have for the undergarments a woman sheaths her vagina with, but my panties. It's what I call the bottom half of my underwear and it is what everyone should call the bottom half of their underwear. Because despite what all the haters like to say, panties is not " the worst word ever ," but the best word.

A few years ago, it became a trendy thing to talk a lotta mad shit online about the word "panties. But it's not clueless men, is the thing. It's other women — My comrades!

My peers! My cohorts! But i would love your pantie can be cute without being infantilizing, and something can be sexy without being panite. A perfect example of something that strikes that sweet, sweet middle ground?

My love for the word "panties" as the preferred noun for women's underwear might put me in the minority here, but let it be known that I am not alone in.

Say it. Another great reason for making "panties" your Preferred Underwear Live is that it's one of the few good things we have in this world that's just for women.

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Only good. Boys green bdsm wear panties, they wear boxers or briefs, or the weird hybrid combo of boxer-briefs. I'll take any little victory I can in this crazy, messed-up world. Even if that victory is a minuscule as the word I use to refer i would love your pantie my frilly delicates. Even if I were to entertain the possibility of calling my panties by another name, what would I call them?

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Et cetera. It's an umbrella term for anything you could possibly be covering your vag.

It's ubiquitous, it's all-encompassing, it's inclusive. And we all know that it's only ever good to be inclusive, even if it's just about the contents of your top dresser drawer.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what you find sexy.

But "please i would love your pantie your undergarments" is something I am positive a nurse would say to me before ticking me with a shot in my butt cheek. That is not a sexy scenario. Just like any other word for lady underwear, aside from "panties," is not a sexy word.

They, like the nurse sticking me with a shot in the butt, are far too medical to ever be considered hot and alluring. Think of all the great words that end in the suffix "-ies. I can't actually think of a not-good word that ends in this suffix. i would love your pantie

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Take even a gross word — like "poop," for example — and slap the "-ies" on the end, and it becomes cute and good. Your vagina contains multitudes.

Because I am a feminist a feminist who wears panties and generally sensible person, I won't say that using a lofe word for your panties makes you bad.

Like, your panties, your choice.

You have the right to choose the vernacular for you own undergarments. But please know that my team, Team Panties, is always welcoming new members. Follow Hannah on Twitter.

Consider all your questions about panty sniffing answered. What do you like most about dirty underwear? I love the smell and the fantasy of it. Recently I found out hat he has been wearing my panties when he . Buy a dildo and put it up your husbands ass maybe he will love you more. I Will Love You Unconditionally Until There Are No More Tomorrows James A. Gauthier J.D. I ran and apologized to Kendra and said, “Of course I would want you over the money. I looked through all the panties and chose the purple.

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Getty Images. Victoria's Wouldd uses the word 'panties. Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

My love for the word "panties" as the preferred noun for women's (1) Why the fuck would I want to do just what men do if I don't have to?. Fun Love Letters to Funny Celebs-Hoover Betty White, I have loved you since your earliest TV appearances. Maybe I could do a “walk on” as your bad ass. Recently I found out hat he has been wearing my panties when he . Buy a dildo and put it up your husbands ass maybe he will love you more.

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