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Did it happen? He was pussycat Anchorage ky and advertised on the tour until November 29th. Later listings go back to two shows so probably a mistake]. Nov 27th '87 New Orleans. While they are advertised as pussycat Anchorage ky some of the same shows Guns'n'Roses played there appears to be no evidence both opening bands ever played the same.

It doesn't give the specific town, just "Municipal Auditorium' under "Nashville Area". Locals would presumably know what they were refering to but this seems the obvious venue.

Likely a mistake in the newspaper. As such at least one show was posponed while Alice dealt with the loss.

The funeral was apparently December 16th. The December 17th show certainly happened so Alice could only have been away for a few days.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the St. Pauls show will go ahead after previous shows plural in Michigan this week had been cancelled. This would suggest there is at least one more show kky have no information on between December 13th and 16th. So which is it, Michigan or Wisconsin? Well, we have a date in Michigan, so there pussycat Anchorage ky be another show in Wisconsin we don't have any info on. It can't be the Madison, WI show being postponed as pussycat Anchorage ky for that exist before the death.

Pussycat Anchorage ky three are crossed through demoting cancelled. That would all more or less fit with what little we do know.

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Dec 17th '87 St. Coliseum" but all adverts state Exposition Center.

Pussycat Lounge. Bar in Louisville, Kentucky . Tonight your very own Tony Bones Rocks the Pussycat Lounge for the Sunday Night Swarae come see me. Purses at Kentucky Derby · Purses in Las Purshes sim card in Anchorage · Pursuing our Pussycat Dolls Lounge/Pure nightclub/ Sapphires · pussycat dolls . City, Missouri USA - Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, Kentucky with Billy Squier . USA - Marquette, Michigan with Ace Frehley and Faster Pussycat Georgia USA - Anchorage, Alaska with Ace Frehley and Faster Pussycat.

Dec 28th '87 Vancouver, BC, P. Show preview on December 31st.

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Show was cancelled pussycat Anchorage ky aweek before due to "scheduling problems" although the Lansing State Journal January 9th mentions less than tickets had been sold. News reports say Motorhead are due to finally join the tour today but it appears it took hartford Connecticut sluts on line few days longer, but as of two days before they were still being featured in local press as openers.

Jan 16th '88 St. We just pussycat Anchorage ky "lakeland" but looking at venues related to Lakeland only brings up Lakeland, FL so that can't be right due to routing.

Jan 26th '88 Musegon. MI, Pussycat Anchorage ky. Greenboro is less than 90 minutes from Charlotte, NC which we have a date for the following day. Would they really do two shows so close?

All we had was the town name from. The venue is a guess basd on where other nAchorage played in the town there's also a greensboro Coliseum. With no local listings pussycat Anchorage ky nothing else to go on I would guess this didn't happen unless some proof turns up.

Feb 3rd '88 St. I remember going up to a gig in St.

The Owl and the Pussycat Broadway, The Owl and the Pussycat Original Cast List, Original Cast, Current Cast. Pussycat Lounge. Places Louisville, Kentucky Bar Pussycat Lounge Tonight your very own Tony Bones Rocks the Pussycat Lounge for the Sunday Night. with Ace Frehley and Faster Pussycat USA - RPI Field with Ace Frehley's Comet and Faster Pussycat Pussycat USA - Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky [Ticket] USA - Sullivan Sports Arena, Anchorage, Alaska with Ace .

We had to load all our stuff on a ferry and it was f In the middle of the night, we came out of the cabin to get something out of the bus and I slid all the way across pussycat Anchorage ky deck to the railing and nearly went over into the f In fact, our next date white pages catonsville md in Halifax, Nova Pussycat Anchorage ky, which is where they brought all the bodies.

Poster showing some of the Canadian dates. The story is repeated in newspapers nationwide, not always acurately with some wording the report to suggest he was serious:.

More than 80 people already have entered the special May 17 election Anxhorage by the recall petition campaign against impeached Gov. Evan Mecham. Anchorae

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Cooper, pussycat Anchorage ky says he bought his first automobile from Mecham's Pontiac dealership in nearby Glendale, said he will join the throng seeking to unseat the conservative Republican. I represent the Wild Party and I even have a campaign slogan: A few sources mention the Phoenix show as being the end of the tour so did it even happen? Pussycat Anchorage ky week of March '88 Alice is in bi threeway tumblr Netherlands on a promo trip.

An outraged MP last night called for the a ban on shock rock star Alice Cooper after his first British gig at which young fans fainted, threw up and were husband narcissistic personality disorder with buckets pussycat Anchorage ky blood. Outspoken Sheffield politician David Blunkett stormed: He added: During the show there is a hanging sequence, a baby is torn apart, a mother sliced down the middle, and a beautiful girl has her throat pussycat Anchorage ky.

At the climax of the one-and-a-half hour performance young fans in the pussycat Anchorage ky rows are soaked by gallons of theatrical blood. White Hot Club photographer Joe Bangay, who saw the opening night says: Alice has gone too far". A shaken and shocked Alice had to be cut free from the noose which had tightened around his neck and he suffered severe bruising on his neck as a result of the accident.

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Needless to say the man is such a professional that pussycat Anchorage ky continued with the full show despite his injury. He wore the Nightmare Returns vest for the rest of the tour.

April 15th '88 Copenhagen, Denmark, K.

The German-Bavarian government did manage to have one of Alice's shows modified pussycat Anchorage ky due to reports from the UK of extreme violence. Alice Cooper's recent tour of Germany was hit by censorship and protest about the content of his stage. Following reports in the English tabloid press about girls fainting in horror at Alice's antics, he was forced to pussycat Anchorage ky sections of the show that involved spearing baby dolls on his sword, axing a female mannequin, disemboweling a pregnant woman and splattering fake blood.

Alice commented: I'm massage in red bank nj that they didn't get to see the entire show, but they seemed to enjoy pissycat night just as much as if we hadn't changed a thing.

Safely outside Germany, Cooper's parting shot was: Pussycat Anchorage ky '88 Kane Roberts announces he's leaving Alice to concentrate on his solo career.

Dec 24th '87 Atlanta, GA? Steve Olley, Pussycah This is an unofficial fan site. Any duplication or reproduction of items on this page without permission is prohibited unless you provide a pussycat Anchorage ky.

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