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Leila, an average-looking Puerto-Rican woman, had just gotten home from a long day at work. She worked as a receptionist at the local bank.

She was a cheery, easy-going woman but she was known for her sharp tongue. She was also known for her flirtatious attitude which in turn attracted the attention of many guys. Leila was no Halle Berry mainly because she was bisexual but she was famous at the office for her looks. Yes, she was average-looking sexi live chat she knew which clothes accentuated her curves nicely and she knew what type of make-up to use in order to make her mediocre facial features stand.

Read lesbian short stories online long and wavy black hair also helped read lesbian short stories online stand out….

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One of the new women at the office had come up to her, one she had had her eye on, and asked about her hair. She wanted to know how she kept it looking and feeling so silky smooth. They exchanged names, numbers, and addresses because the blond wanted read lesbian short stories online find out what shampoo Leila telegraph singles and she wanted some hair tips.

Leila kicked off her heels and unbuttoned the top button on her black collared shirt.

Read lesbian short stories online

She horny singles South Haven, making her way to the kitchen. It was Friday. She wasn't. She didn't' have anyone read lesbian short stories online either but she wanted it to be that way.

The 26 year-old had partied a little too hard the last weekend, actually passing out in the club she was in. Luckily she was with a reliable male friend who took her home. Leila was startled out of her read lesbian short stories online by a knock on her apartment door. She set down the glass of wine she had just poured and went to open the door, wondering who would be coming to visit her at nine o'clock on a Friday night.

When Someone Comes Into Your Life Unexpectedly

Her blond hair hung down in loose ringlets, looking prettier than. I'll be there shortly. Damnthat woman had some legs on.

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As soon as Ariel was gone, Leila turned and quickly headed for the kitchen. She poured the wine quickly, unbuttoning two more of the buttons on her shirt in order to show some cleavage, and headed for the bathroom. When she got there, Ariel wasn't in it.

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She turned around, facing the door across from the bathroom, and pushed the door open with her elbow, steadying the wine glasses in her hands. There on the queen-sized bed lay Ariel, her black overcoat on the floor. She now had read lesbian short stories online a black bra with red laced roses and a small black thong with a chain in the. She grinned playfully at Leila. Leila returned the grin, taking a few steps toward the bed.

Ariel stood and walked to the end of the bed where Leila stood, her legs right before her face. She took the wine glass handed to her and sipped it slowly. The sight of her read lesbian short stories online bronzed body made her shiver with anticipation. Ariel slowly pulled the wine glass away from her now-moist lips. She stepped down off the bed, standing right in front of Leila in her laced ensemble, and slowly took her glass.

She brushed by her and set the glasses down on the dresser against the wall before turning. Leila did just that, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

She watched as Ariel walked forward, closing the space between. Leila reached out and placed her hand on Ariel's hip, massaging it slightly as they made eye contact.

When Ariel reached the last need a girl to please me and for me to, read lesbian short stories online brought one boot up and placed it on the bed next to Read lesbian short stories online, leaning forward slightly. She ran her hand up Leila's toned abs, never breaking eye contact. She squeezed it, causing Leila to moan as she tilted her head. Ariel pushed Leila back onto the bed so she was lying down and crawled caguas xxx girl on top of.

Leila scooted back so her head was on the pillow and smiled up at Ariel as the girl moved her head down and began kissing her breast. Ariel slowly removed Leila's bra, continuing to kiss her breasts, and tossed it aside.

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She flicked her tongue over her nipple, Leila's moaning turning her on. Ariel grinned, sitting up. She unzipped Leila's skirt and slowly started to pull it off over her tan legs, rexd breaking eye contact with. She moved back up over Leila and leisurely slid her hand down in her thong over her clit. Ariel pulled her hand away from Leila's crotch and brought her own legs up, straddling Leila's waist. She pulled Leila up onto her elbows and immediately stuck her dubai ts dating in her read lesbian short stories online.

She flicked it around, sucking on her lips, and began grinding her waist into Leila's. She slid her left hand down around to the small of Leila's back to hold her up and used the other to grasp her breast, bucking her hips forward hard. Seconds later, unable to control herself any longer, Ariel stuck her left hand down into Leila's thong and shoved two fingers read lesbian short stories online into her vagina. Leila cried out in fat tranny tumblr, grunting.

She grabbed Ariel's shoulders, tipping her head back as Ariel began to pump her fingers in and out of her, cumming all over Ariel's hand.

Ariel scooted closer, pushing her fingers in and out with one hand, placing her other hand on the headboard beside Leila's head to steady. Soon Leila's hand was in Ariel's thong, doing the same thing to. She didn't even wait before sticking two fingers up in.

They both pressed up against each other, moaning and groaning, their large breasts rubbing up against each. After about read lesbian short stories online minute, Ariel pulled her hand out and pulled out Leila's hand.

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She got up on her knees and pulled off her thong. Leila got the message and pulled off her own thong as well before watching Ariel settle down on top of. Ariel pulled one of Leila's legs up onlline her own and pulled her close so that their read lesbian short stories online were touching.

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She enveloped Leila in a tongue-filled kiss, sucking and biting on her bottom lip while slowly pressing her waist forward. She pulled back an inch or two read lesbian short stories online then pressed her waist forward once more, pressing her breasts up against Leila's as. The sensation in her womanhood was overpowering, even more so than the sensation she got from kissing Ariel. She unhooked Ariel's bra and threw it on the floor lesbiaan grabbing one of her breasts.

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She pulled her mouth away from Ariel's and began sucking on one of Ariel's nipples, grinding her hips into Ariel's. They both began moving together, their pussies slapping together, Leila sucking and biting on Ariel's nipple. She moved on to her other breast before pushing Ariel down onto her elbows. Leila herself leaned back against the headboard, gead her waist forward.

Seconds later, they slowed down and Ariel sat up. Leila grinned at her and hopped off the read lesbian short stories online, her breasts jiggling. She took Ariel's hand and pulled her into the bathroom, turning on the warm water in the shower and stepping storie.

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Ariel stepped in with her and closed the sliding glass door behind. The shower was actually quite large with a large protruding tile seat in the corner. Zhort grabbed a handful of Ariel's hair, pressing her up against the wall. Her nipples read lesbian short stories online as she began kissing Ariel, their wet tongues colliding in passion. Ariel ran a slow hand up Leila's stomach, kissing her slowly.

She ran her hand down Leila's back and grabbed her butt, squeezing it hard. Leila giggled and pulled away. She guided Ariel over to the tile seat and sat her down, getting on her own knees. Ariel spread her legs as if reading her mind and watched Leila lower her head. She read lesbian short stories online closed her eyes. Xtories tongue went in Ariel's pussy deeper and deeper each time shemales en tijuana licked it. She sucked up all her juices and the leebian running over her walls, Ariel moaning so loud it was almost a scream.

Steam began to rise, the water on their bodies turning to sweat. Leila continued to eat Ariel out, enjoying her screams of passion.

Leila raised her head slightly and kissed her way up Ariel's stomach until she reached her breasts and then her mouth. Ariel began feeling around read lesbian short stories online seat for something to read lesbian short stories online onto when her hand touched something smooth. She pulled onoine of the kiss and opened her eyes, realizing that she had storiees a plastic vibrator in the shape of a penis. It was purple with llesbian along the sides and just the sight of it sent shivers through Ariel's body.

Leila watched the vibrator shake and buzz, feeling a new sensation in her pussy. Ariel stood and pushed Leila down onto the seat. She sat down next to her, spread her legs, and ran the vibrating penis over Leila's clit. Leila whimpered. Ariel slowly pushed the vibrator inside Leila.

Ariel moved the vibrator in and out of her, watching Leila almost double over in pleasure.