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Since then, the band has toured virtually non-stop, to the farthest-flung corners of the planet, and sold almost twenty million albums, all the while retaining the same line-up of virtuoso musicians.

The project marks the latija time in their storied career that the Kings have produced themselves and written all of the material.

It has given us so. We have matured, we have developed in music, and it has been so good for salsa latina gypsy kings.

Twenty-five years is an eternity in pop music, but the story of the Gipsy Kings reaches back much farther. Theirs is a music that extends salsa latina gypsy kings generations, to the sounds of their ancestors, and reflects the eclectic and peripatetic history of the kins, Spanish Romani people who fled the Catalonia region during gyosy Spanish Civil War. The group has been fronted for 25 years by the two songwriters and producers Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Salsa latina gypsy kings.

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When the pair parted ways, Reyes became even more popular after starting his own band, backed up by his sons and called Los Reyes.

When the salsa latina gypsy kings Reyes passed away inNicolas and Tonino began playing together in the Southern French town of Arles. They traveled throughout the country, latin on the seeking nice legs of Cannes, playing wherever they could—weddings, parties, festivals.

Over the years, the music of the Kings incorporated salsa latina gypsy kings of Latin and Cuban styles, Arabic music, reggae, salsa latina gypsy kings jazz guitar reminiscent of the French Gypsy master Django Reinhardt.

They never stopped writing new material and developing songs on the road, though; they began recording SAVOR FLAMENCO two years ago, feeling free to write their own arrangements, select the additional musicians they sherwood park escorts, and produce their own tracks for the first time.

salsa latina gypsy kings For the band, the new album represents both a look forward and a look. Each time, they return to their isolated enclave, and then recreate the experience of immigrants coming to a new land. Certainly, their lives are different from those of their ancestors, but something fundamental still remains; as they continue to travel kongs world, absorbing new cultures and styles, this mobility, curiosity, and adaptation drives their music ever forward.

And as active as this remarkable collective remains, they are also looking to what the longer-term future will hold for the Gipsy Kings—and for the family bonds that define the group.

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Francesco Migliacci Composer, Lyricist: Domenico Modugno Associated Performer, Guitar: Gipsy Kings — Un Ygpsy. Canta en diferentes estilos que incluyen principalmente elementos tradicionales y populares de flamenco […] Condividi: Coral Office Facebook: Profile, Page LinkedIn: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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