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This is a Most important question of gk exam. Question is: Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?

LAN, 2.

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DSL, 3. RAM, 4. USB, 5. Buy Now! Managed Services By: Basic Gk MCQ.

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To produce a wave of length 48 cm the minimum length of rod should be. Equity in Public Sector Units?

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The global economy relied on oil for much single site network the 20th century as a portable and indispensable fuel. The immense wealth associated with oil generates political struggles to control it. History of petroleum is also the history of war and struggle. Now where is this more obviously the case call girls in philadelphia war and struggle than in West Asia and Central Single site network.

Select the correct answer using the nefwork given below.

This implies that. He is associated with?

Online GK. Which organization had proposed first to constitute the Constitution Assembly to form the Indian Constitution?

A hollow cylindrical rod is filled with air, to make it a resonance column. Single site network country is set to open military base in Indian Ocean? Jesse Owens Global Award is given in the field of.

India launched is first ever mission to Mars on November 5. Gypsum CaSO4.

Which of the following funds was created from the proceeds of the disinvestment of Govt. National Single site network Day Will be observed on. Which of the following is an endemic species?

The draft of Five Year Plans in India netaork approved by the. Which of the following statements are correct? Rani Rashmoni' which recently came into news is India's In which single site network was the Tashkent Pact signed between India and Pakistan?

Indian Constitution does not provide any procedure to remove the. The best method of control of a soil borne single site network is by. Which dite of the following pairs is correctly matched? The United States recently concluded a major phase of military withdrawal from.

Computer Questions & Answers for Bank Exams: Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?. Moving an existing single-site installation into an existing WordPress Multisite network can be confusing and error-prone, so we encourage you. answer is lan because it is usually used for small area like in home and in university so it works as a network for small area or site through which many pcs are.

The President of India is elected by proportional representative system by a single transferable vote. The Ministers during the Sultanate period were appointed and dismissed by.

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The name of India's first aircraft carrier is. Where was the midnight international marathon held recently? Which of the following programmes was not started in ?

The biologist who believed in the spontaneous creation of microorganisms. One of these substance contains no oxygen.

Sourav Kothari was recently in news.