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I like the taste of chocolates. Hot kinky sex m4w seeking for sex well hung 6feet also will use them on you dont answer pay sites so if you a for real female and birl what she wants in life lets wetty girl together me or wetty girl me with pics of yourself nude i wfm blowjob Pomona send the same we can meet in a public place at first if you want can host at my place or youur place or motel me cell no wetty girl in add I love sock monkeys, my little pony and sappy songs. And twilled your hair.

Age: 33
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Search Real Swingers
City: Atlanta, GA
Hair:Blond copper
Relation Type: Will You Watch Me Eat Your Wife's Ass?

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Top definition.

Female sexual arousal. Equivalent to wetty girl woody. The first time she rode a horse, Keisha got a wetty.

Wetty unknown. The term given to someone who continuously makes excuses to not participate social activities etc they were invited to.

Can also be used to describe someone who wetty girl generally boring and refuses to do anything exciting or anything out of the ordinary. You still coming out tonight mate?

Someone who has to stop playing football when it starts raining. Can be girk to wider uses. Youre such a wetty for spending the wetty girl week with your missus.

When someone throws a little temper tantrum. Often accompanied by the voice entering a higher vocal register than usual wetty girl occassionaly with tears.

A person having a wetty: Fingering wetty girl woman and getting your fingers wet inside her vagina. Wetsuit ; used for surfing in cold water. Dude aren't you cold?

Naww i have my Wetty on so its fine. Have a Disney day!

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