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Just look at the strange aftermath of what occurred in Washington, D. Nick Sandmann, the year-old student at the center of the conflict, now has a legal team of seven attorneys.

It says that we looing a long way to go to dismantle the system that author bell hooks calls imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. As a White female educator, I saw this deference to White boys during my teaching career.

From the moment I began teaching, inI allowed those boys to white male looking around whihe classroom. I began my student teaching assignment at a mostly White high school in central Oregon. On the first day, I met my new supervisor, the vice principal, a White man in his 60s.

I was a year-old graduate student. I was immediately reminded of my place in the system—and of the unspoken understanding that I needed to modify my behavior in order to succeed. Everything you think and everything you are is worthless.

I thought it was a joke for a moment, but when his friend who was sitting behind him gave him a high-five, I realized he was. I was stunned.

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How had this year-old developed such audacity? If I pushed back, I would lose.

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I feared standing up to him, loking I tried to beat his game by playing the caring and subservient female role: What can I help you with? How can I make your day better? I spent valuable class time speaking with white male looking around at my desk, trying to understand him, giving him more attention than I gave anyone else in the class.

There were a few times I was forced to confront him, for instance, when he made racist or sexist comments. But in the end, there were no real consequences for. It seemed like he could get away with just about anything, and he white male looking around it.

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Later, when I took over teaching white male looking around new class, the only student of color pleaded with me to move him away from a classmate who had been bullying him for months—including calling him gay and spamming him with pornographic images. I knew I had to confront the bully, not just resort to moving the students farther away from each.

But I was terrified. Just as with the student from my previous class, I knew my attempt to draw a line and take white male looking around of the situation would be met with aggressive resistance or patronizing nonchalance.

In the end, my response to the situation did little to protect the student white male looking around was being bullied. I was inexperienced, scared, and once again willing to let a White male student exert power over me and everyone in my classroom.

There was no end lookung it over the 10 years of my teaching career: Rules pretty arab women written and broken for these people.

The system protects them, and they feel. This is the legacy we educators contribute to when white male looking around revolve around the young White men in our classrooms, in our lives, and when we let fear keep us silent instead of teaching them, drawing clear lines around appropriate behavior.

Whitte back, I see my mistakes so clearly. My failure to take strong action hurt everyone in white male looking around classrooms, perhaps especially the White boys. As educators, we know that adolescence is a powerful time of transformation for our students.

But first, we have to look inward. We have to work at dismantling every part of ourselves that keeps us upholding this broken.

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