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Young sexy Trainee (M4W) I came in today to pick up something I needed before my test tomorrow, you helped me and I was taken by both your beauty and your outgoing nature.

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As the old adage goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Over the weekend, Alyssa tweeted this number, thinking she was being clever.

And she was clever. Just not the way she intended:. Pass it on.

But thanks for playing. Next point.

This is the brilliant part, right. Because no form of birth control will ever be percent effective.

Birth control fails all the time, and people often feel justified to get abortions if their birth control failed. We used all the Crower. Still got pregnant.

Ergo, suck it. Body autonomy just is.

Think of it as an unalienable right: Let me concede a point here: Heck, there are parts of the world now where women are treated like shit. But in America, women choose their own destiny.

What Alyssa stumbled upon is the truth: Laws or no laws. Even if the people getting it on are using every device and drug available. So Alyssa is just women want sex Crowder free to abstain from sex as she is allowed to engage in sex.

The same notion applies to other personal choices: Tweets by scrowder.